7am:  Forgot to bring an alarm clock, but luckily the parrots outside my window are very loud each morning

8am: Breakfast: the experienced group are being annoying and moving the salt and pepper shakers to create Feng Shui, I think it’s just random

8:45am  Gotta go, don’t want to be late, forgot my name tag yesterday and had to run back to college…

9am:  It’s number theory … it seems the tutors can’t count properly or one of the  students has slept in

9:30:  Gosh, I thought I knew what the integers are, but now I’m not so sure anymore!

10am: Better grab a chocolate bar before my 2 hour tutorial

10:59:  My tutor was about to give us a break, but the director has come to visit…how annoying the timing is.

12:30 Really long queue for lunch, smells nice though…Winston is an amazing chef

1:15 better brush my teeth before the afternoon lecture begins

2:30 The afternoon tutorial is only one hour long

3:30 It’s so hot, it’s time to go for a swim, shall I go the quick way or Brendan’s way?

6:00 Dinner time!

7:00 Private study:  I hope my tutor visits me early tonight, I want to show her my latest conjecture

8:30 Can’t remember the rules to that really complicated boardgame the tutors were playing, but they seem to drag out a different one each day..I’ll never get good at any of them

9:30 It’s announcements time…and another joke (if that’s what you can call them)

10:59 Only a minute left before curfew …


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