For centuries mathematics has held a central place in every civilised society. It contributes significantly to our scientific and technological advancement, and such advancement puts further demands on the subject. This whole process has been accelerated by the advent of technology. A country with such a small population as ours must encourage all of its citizens to develop their talents as far as possible. We believe that the contribution we make to the recognition and fostering of exceptional mathematical talent can only be made at the national level, and that it is worth supporting.

The NMSS has never aimed actively to persuade students that a career in mathematics is more desirable or worthy than careers in other fields. It has operated in the certain belief that exposing these students to mathematics at an advanced level is of value in all scientific and cultural endeavours. Indeed, students from the NMSS have gone on to careers in the arts, in law, in medicine and all branches of science and engineering and in industry. Of course, a significant number have gone on to research in mathematics at the highest level, both here and abroad, but this is a natural consequence of their special ability and interest in the subject. It has been remarked in the past that there can be no doubt that the community at large benefits from this investment in excellence.

Posted on: January 28, 2015 | Author: Director
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