In 1979 Professor Arnold Ross decided it would be valuable to the summer school if a group of about 12 students were invited to return the following year.  He wanted this group of students to be called “The Experienced Group” and they would create a sense of continuity amongst the students and carry on the great traditions of the summer school.

Since there are usually 12 such students they are affectionately referred to as the EGs (pronounced eggs).

The EGs attend the Number Theory lectures with everyone else but then have their own program of four different topics.  Topics studied by the experienced group includes:

  • Combinatorial optimisation
  • Communication theory
  • Conics and cubics
  • Crpytography
  • Chaos
  • Discrete harmonic functions
  • Error correction
  • Finite fields
  • Game theory
  • Graphs
  • p-adic numbers
  • Polyhedra
  • Prime numbers and quadratic forms
  • Probability theory
  • Random walks
  • Solution of algebraic equations
  • Surfaces
  • Topology
  • Universal geometry

The experienced group also coordinate many social functions and competitions.

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