I was slightly apprehensive before coming to NMSS – I knew no-one, and I had very little idea what to expect – but my qualms disappeared on the plane ride from Melbourne to Canberra, when I first met some of the NMSS 2015 cohort.

Tute Group (Formal Dinner)


My tutorial group.



There was a wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie at NMSS – we all fit in, united by our passion for maths. Over the course of two weeks, I was able to form friendships with so many wonderful people I would never otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. I’m never going to forget the quirky traditions of NMSS, or the fun I had hanging out in the common room with my peers; NMSS really was an unforgettable experience.

Axioms of NMSS


Example of a quirky tradition are jokes and humour based on the maths we are learning.


The sense of discovery I found at NMSS is something I have never really encountered before. I’m the type of person who constantly needs to be challenged, so I found NMSS an ideal environment in which I could learn and extend myself. My favourite part of the academic program was its emphasis on exploration and lateral thinking. I tend to get frustrated with the repetitive and formulaic nature of schoolwork, but I found that I was always challenged to ‘think deeply of simple things’ at the summer school. I liked the fact that our tutors and lecturers never gave us direct answers – they only pointed us in the right direction – because it meant that we were forced to think deeply. I liked the open-ended nature of the questions we were posed, because they gave us scope to experiment with different approaches. By the end of the summer school, I couldn’t believe how much I had learnt. The students of our summer school got excellent skills of mathematicians and analysts. Such knowledge can help in achieving high results in the field of gambling. So, for example, the Austrian online casino Atlas, where you can win a large cash prize!

Tutor vs Student

…our tutors and lecturers never gave us direct answers…

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