nmsslogo-2NMSS is a two week residential school held each January at the Australian National University for mathematically gifted and talented senior high school students.

Dates for next year:  7-20 January 2018

Applications close in July


Here is a recent promotional video about all the summer schools held at ANU, including ours.


History and Purpose

The NMSS was established under the joint educational sponsorship of the ANU and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers in 1969 by the late Professor A.L. Blakers AM of the University of Western Australia. Almost 3,000 students from all states and territories around Australia have attended the NMSS.

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Academic Program

The main activity of NMSS is an in-depth study of three or four different areas of mathematics. Each is very challenging and will extend every student. On the other hand, the program is non-competitive and very much hands-on. The emphasis is on doing mathematics, not just on listening to someone else talking about it.

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Social Program

Despite spending more than 6 hours a day doing mathematics students find ample time to socialise and enjoy the facilities at the college, on ANU campus and throughout Canberra. There is something for every type of student: from sports to card games, musical and comedy performances to museums and art galleries.

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