Sponsors of NMSS

NMSS thanks the below-listed sponsors, without whom the successful running of the School would not be possible.

Should you wish to organise part or full sponsorship of a student or group of students, please contact the director.

Sponsors of NMSS

The Australian National University provides teaching spaces and administrative, accounting, and legal support.

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers provides advertising and administrative support and oversight of the selection of students through its state and territory branches.

Sponsors of NMSS 2021

The University of Queensland provided financial support covering all costs for Queensland NMSS students.

The Mathematics Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory provided financial support for all Northern Territory NMSS students.

These universities provided as in-kind contributions the time and energy of current NMSS staff members.

We also thank all past and present supporters of the School, including:

  • All schools who have encouraged and financially supported their students to attend NMSS.
  • All schools, parents and alumni who have generously donated to NMSS.