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The National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) was established under the joint educational sponsorship of the Australian National University and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers in 1969 by the late Professor A. L. Blakers AM of The University of Western Australia. It is a non-profit program that strives to be accessible to as many mathematically-minded students as possible. The Larry Blakers Memorial Endowment collects funds for the sole purpose of contributing towards coverage of the operational costs of NMSS, with the ultimate aim of keeping the student costs from being prohibitively expensive and allowing any student to attend based on merit rather than means.

It would not be possible to cover the total costs of NMSS each year without new donors joining to support Australia’s highly talented students at this critical juncture in their mathematical education. NMSS provides these students with access to the best academic resources and collaborative environment to ensure they are connected and supported before embarking on their final year of schooling.

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