Applying for NMSS

Selection of NMSS students

The selection of students is organised by the mathematics teachers’ association in each state or territory, as well as the NMSS Director. Students are selected on the basis of their mathematical interest, achievement, and potential, insofar as these can be assessed. Participation is normally restricted to about 75 students who have completed Year 11 in school.

How to apply

Each state and territory has its own process and deadlines for selecting students. Links to information about the application process for all states and territories are available below. The application process for NMSS 2025 will open in May 2024. Please return to this website at that time for further information.

Cost to attend

We request a financial contribution from each student which contributes to the cost of the academic program, the social program, accommodation, meals, and return travel to Canberra from a capital city.  This covers much less than the operating costs for the school, which is possible due to the many generous donations we receive from individuals who understand the value in supporting mathematics students in our country.

We hope that the cost is not prohibitively expensive, but if it is, we encourage students to seek financial support from their school or other organisations.


We are able to offer several scholarships to students who are sufficiently meritorious to be selected for the program, but for whom the financial contribution may be prohibitively expensive.

The Leon Poladian Scholarships are available to students who are highly meritorious but unable to attend the NMSS without further assistance.

The Hanna Neumann Scholarship covers the entire financial contribution for one outstanding young woman each year.