Selection of NMSS Students

The initial selection of students is the responsibility of the mathematics teachers association in each state. The NMSS Director reviews all selection lists and makes the final decision. Selection is on the basis of mathematical achievement and potential, insofar as this can be assessed. Mathematics competitions are a valuable source of information for selection, but nominations from students and teachers and other criteria are also used, since mathematical ability is more complicated to measure than by complete reliance on any one indicator.

Students normally participate at the end of Year 11, but the Director reserves the right not to accept students who are either much younger or much older than the Year 11 cohort. No account is taken of sex, race, type of school attended or likely future specialisation or career, though the Director may limit numbers from any one school.

How to Apply

Each state has its own process and deadlines for selecting students. Links to the application process for some states with the relevant closing dates are available below. The links and dates shown below are for last year, but deadlines will be similar this year and new application forms will be available later this year.

  • ACT (Last Friday in July)
  • NSW (Last Friday in July)
  • NT (2014 forms available; to be updated soon)
  • QLD (Friday 18 August 2017)
  • SA No information currently available
  • TAS No information currently available
  • VIC (Last Friday in July)
  • WA (1 August)

Cost to attend


The base contribution for 2018 will be $1100.

A travel surcharge will apply if we organise your air-travel for you. More information later in the year. Students from Sydney travel by coach. Group bookings will be made for Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Students from all other areas should either organise their own travel or communicate with the local state selector to see what arrangements might be in place.