The Poladian Project: Celebrating the life of Leon Poladian

The Poladian Project is an event that has been put together by organisers at The University of Sydney to celebrate the late Leon Poladian. Leon was the previous Director of the National Mathematics Summer School from 2013-2017, and a long-time friend of the School having attended twice as a student and 26 times as a staff member.

Leon’s research and interests spanned a vast range of areas and disciplines, and the Poladian Project is focussed on educating people in and celebrating interdisciplinary thinking.

The completely free event consists of presentations and workshops between 14-21 February which are intended for a general audience. These include workshops covering Origami, The Science of Food, and Astronomy through Movement and Music, and seminars about topics spanning how bees make drones safer, brain atlases, and making robots out of DNA. The keynote lecture by guest speaker Dr Robert Lang, titled “Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: The Modern World of Origami”, will be given at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday 20 February at the University of Sydney.

All information can be found at the website: https://thepoladianproject.com/

A document highlighting those events most suitable for high-school students can be read by clicking here.